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Grumey Armazéns Gerais

The pioneer in the country in Storage and Logistics

Founded in 1940, introducted in Brazil the concept of General Cargo Storage, Grumey Armazéns is the most traditional storage company in Rio de Janeiro.

Grumey understands that the logistics in the storage of merchandising, raw material and recipients of its clients is one of the key poinrts in any supply chain. Therefore, we have an infrastructure of sheds, responsible for the storage, strattegically spread around the state of Rio de Janeiro, near the clients and the main arteries of cargo flowing.

Today with 20000 m² of prepared area exclusively to store the material of its clients for as long as necessary and approximately 100000 m² around Rio divided in several sheds.

We have storages located near the main highways, bus terminals and portuary zones.

Whatever you need, we have it!
Our mission Grumey logistics is a private company which is committed to the providing of storage services for several branches of the economy, representing professionalism, trust, efficiency and security.

Acting in the segment of storage and material logistics was a visionary decision made in 1940. To keep every decision for the next years is a commitment with the market, after all Grumey Armazens is always ahead of its time.

The commitment of Grumey is to invest in quality and variety of the provided services interacting directly in the supply chain of its clients, in a way that you may focus in your main business.

Next time you think about optimization of the supply chain, talk with us.
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